*Monique *

Monique has been dancing many forms of dance since she was a young child. 

She has danced Jazz ballet, Baton, Contemporary and modern.  

Music and dance have always moved her but....

Monique's Belly Dance style is an Egyptian Fusion based in traditional with a taste of other types of dance forms mixed in!

Belly Dance entered Monique's life as a student of the dance. She fell in love with the rhythms and the sensuality of it. Monique has studied many forms of belly dance since she began. She has taken workshops with many different dancers and with her dance background in other forms of dance choreographs interesting and entertaining fusions! 

She was encouraged to audition for the Belly Dance Superstars Show when they were be here in September (2011) but had to decline for personal reasons. 

She has a preference for various fusions and different props such as veil, fan-veil, feather fans, Isis wings, burlesque and Gypsy!

Monique brings her own style, passion and form to the dance. She is a creative choreographer with a flair for the dramatic! She  also teaches her own choreographies to her students. 

Monique's belly dance classes, are a gentle & playful environment. In this way women learn the dance and also to find beauty in themselves and to feel comfortable in their own skin.

She has performed all over Southern Manitoba and has taken part in Steinbach's large Culturama event every year!

 Monique is the organizer and director of the Summer Shimmy Cabaret, which is a yearly dance extravaganza in Winnipeg, featuring local dancers and many genres of dance; who donate time and dance to this charity event!

Monique will continue to study and learn more of this beautiful art form so she can share her knowledge with others.



"I love seeing how women change over the course of just one class....t

hey blossom, they grow they find their inner diva and goddess! 

It is a wonderful thing to see and experience."






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